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Choosing the right Dryer Repair in Port Coquitlam should not be the gut wrenching decision. It should not require hours of floor pacing and it certainly shouldn’t be stressful. We are a local dryer repair service provider and the number one choice for dryer service in the community. The fact that we are so popular should indicate immediately that we should be the first choice for anyone who desires fast service at a fair price. When customers call us they are making the right choice and the only effort needed was dialing of our phone number.

Dryer Repair....Although there are still quite a few residents that hang their clothes on the clothes line on a sunny, breezy day, there are still many more that rely on their dryer to dry their clothes effectively. For those that need one of these appliances we will provide dryer installation to ensure the hook-up is accurate. We will provide all repair needs on all major brands and our customers can that to the bank. We specialize in all types of top load dryer options for those still utilizing those units.

We excel on the front load washer and dryer units that are commonly found in most residential locations today. At Port Coquitlam Appliances Repair our commitment to excellence runs deep. We believe in quality service at a fair price. Our problem detecting skills are exceptional which definitely speeds up the service process. We find the dryer issues and knock them out fast, but we never overcharge our customers. We want your business loyalty for the long term.

Our specialists confront many issues when providing repair service for the dryer unit. We often replace fuses, temperature switches, timers and thermostats. Sometimes the solution calls for the replacement of the heating coils. The belts on these units can break and rollers can malfunction as well. The worst case scenario is the motor. We also find many lint traps that are clogged. Appliances Repair Port Coquitlam has the experience and training to resolve all of these issues.

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